These are Real Comments from Real People...

Dear Karen,

  1. your website is soooo cool! wow, how refreshing. I'm so tired of everyone being mr. or ms. snarky online, your site is like a friendly reminder that not everyone has to pretend to be dennis miller (i.e. master of ironic sarcasm). also, very cool name, sounds like a super hero! I'm sure you've heard that one before. nice illustrations too, kind of reminds me in a way of some south american artists I've checked out in the past. have you seen "Frida" with salma hayek? okay, I'm running on here, just wanted to say I loved the site, keep it up!
  2. Karen, you are one whacky person. In the nicest way, of course. I loved your website and your artwork. What planet are you from? I hope your sales go very very well.
  3. Hello Karen As I was wandering through cyberspace on my spiritual journey I happened upon your website. Its always a pleasure to visit a new site as every person you cross paths with can enlighten and educate. I enjoyed your site. I wish you joy and prosperity.
  4. Nice web site Karen, I think I recognized some of your clay friends
  5. Just watched and have to say... I'm a little disturbed. What exactly is the nature of your love for potatoes? I'm assuming it's completely platonic but it still seems bizarre to me. Let me know when you start getting feedback from the video, because I would love to read what your other fans have to say about getting to see you in a such an unusual video clip.
  6. Your work is classic - best of luck!
  7. Hi Karen, I took a look at your web site, not bad.
  8. Ha! I checked out your website. How hot was it inside that mustard jar? I really like the painting 'Dr Jekell meets Mr Hyde.' That is my favorite.
  9. Hey, your new page is hilarious! That tie-land clip is too much... I saved it for future reference.
  10. i took a look at the painting. the buck dewey rendition is one of the best artworks on your website. also one of the best is the clay friends. i am pretty sure that the clay friends have a deweyesque kind of feel as well. i think that if i was going to buy one of your paintings i would pick the one called "bird of prey".
  11. hey karen I tried to look at your website but my computer monitor is mest up. I only get like four colors. but what I could make out looked good
  12. very cute Karen I like your site a lot. I also like your art work. The links to continue through the gallery work great, they keep the visitor going and keep a light humourous fun tone to the whole site. My only negative comment is that the sound files are just way too big
  13. I saw your site a while ago. I looked at it again, didn't notice any difference. How did it change? The paintings are goofy. I donšt quite know how to take them. Did you go to art school?
  14. Finally! Real Art! wasn't it Salvador Dali who said that real artists are ones who con others into beleiving in "art"?......y'know make MONEY at art? something like that.... Zippy talks about this phenomenom (the cartoon by Bill Griffith). I bet Bill Griffith would really like your art. and your site. The two self portraits are the best, but I also like "Bird Of Prey" too. I'll bet you have great cocktail parties. How do people buy your art? When and where will you appear as Mustard Girl again? Will you invite me to your next cocktail party?
  15. Hi Karen. I saw you today, twice! I love your gift box costume and the picture of you in mustard on your web site. I just wanted to let you know that I admire your fortitude and spirit. Thanks for spreading joy.
  16. Great html site. nicely organized and not overdone. I really like your interactive portion - when you buy things and take a picture of yourself with the product you bought. Keep up the good work!
  17. well yes, to not sound insulting i need to know just how old you are exactly? it might help. um...take drawing classes, color theory classes painting technique classes and then maybe once you've got a good grip on that then we can talk about your subject matter. i do think its rather insane that you think people will by t-shirts and mugs with your work on it, but then again stranger things have happened. if you are out of highschool i would suggest that you pursue a different line of work.sad but true. do what you want, life is absurd anyway.
  18. Hi Karen - I thought your website was really great - especially the way the text worked with the images, leading from one page to the next, the titles, too. I'd like to see more clay friends. Thanks!
  19. Hi didn't say that you were an artist!It sure is a lovely day! I sure liked your website...I wish mine were as zippy!
  20. Funny with a small knife to the ribs.
  21. Checked out you web-page and its pretty cool. best of luck!!
  22. Kind of like dreams from Bergman's childhood or something.
  23. The Sunglasses at Night and Mummy paintings were my favorites. It's wonderful to have showcasing opportunities at your fingertips.
  24. are these all yours? cool
  25. My favorite is "He Ain't Asleep, He's Dead". Right on. I really like them. Brava! You're very strange.
  26. I love your oil paintings! Shooting star in dragonville is my favorite. Kudos to the aritiste.
  27. Enjoyed yer website, my fave paintings were the "Bowler" and "Naked Man..." very nice.Å@Kinda like a loose raw Keith Haring type a thing happenin...even tho I hate it when people feel compelled to compare two artists as a means of critique, but ...well,'s easy, and I meant it in a complimentary way.
  28. I think this is the worst piece of trash I've ever seen. To think poor Mr. Van GO was cutting his ear off a hundred years ago and hardly anyone saw his paintings then and now more people are subjected to your pitiful drool.
  29. I love the Mustard Girl photo, might make a fun record cover for some band!
  30. I do like your paintings, but also think that you should learn how to have more control over your medium. This would make your colors stand out more & cut down on "muddy" effects that happen when oil paint is not allowed to dry between layers. Honestly, my favorite part of the website is not your paintings, but the picture of you as a giant mustard bottle. Also looking forward to seeing more pictures of clay friends.
  31. I had no idea. I liked Edie's swing the best. Had a kind of early-Kandinsky heat to it.
  32. Could you be any more of a freak! The people on your message board are even freakier than you! Weirdo
  33. Hi Karen, did you get a hold of some wacky stuff because your way out there, honey. Maybe some day I will ask you to explain this whole groovy scene that your in.
  34. I would like to see these pieces in real life. Some of them are really good!!
  35. I enjoyed your website; glad you are enjoying the art world.
  36. My eyes are bleeding. My teeth are falling out. I swallowed my tongue-twice. My nose turned gray and withered like my basil plant. I think I love you.
  37. There's a very gifted cyborg that's sits just over my shoulder...he's cute with a curly brown beard. He plays the gourd and hornamaphone in a band called Bicdoody bicband. He turned me on to your site. Seriously, your site is the best!
  38. Hey Karen, I LOVE Mummy boy! It's a really cute look great as a blonde...
  39. I was just looking at your web site. It's great! I think you're getting better, too. Sometime I'll have to buy some merchandise. Does it come on a T shirt or something? I liked Patty & Paul. That was cool. Keep up the dandy work!!!
  40. Judging from your artwork, I'd probably think you were either a talented and imaginative juvenile, or just slightly retarded.
  41. There is great beauty in simplicity, but you should probably learn some technique.
  42. Just checked your home page. It looks great!! I really like your paintings. Your paintings are cute and warm.
  43. Nice job. I think the pics. are interesting and thought provoking. I'd like to know what "brought you" to these drawings? I liked the Fireplace and the "He ain't asleep, he's dead". I'll see how long it takes someone to mention my new screen saver, to which I'll direct them immediately to your sight. OK?
  44. Sweet paintings...makes me want to rush right out and paint me a sence of humor! hehe seriously good stuff
  45. I love the comments on your site, especially the one that identifies you as "slightly retarded"...
  46. Hey Karen, Why aren't there any prints available at your store? I LOVE the "clay friends". Please add print options for these as well as your paintings.
  47. Karen, I really like "the boy and his dog".
  48. Re: Your art (sic) ?????????????????????????????????
  49. Hi I was trawling through an art deco noticeboard (world collectors .net) and you had posted your site url, so I had a look. Sure its weird, some might say "naive" but what the hell, you enjoy it and it gets a reaction! All the best,(from England!!)
  50. Hey Karen, I checked out your website....very cool and creative. Sr. Pauline would love it.
  51. Like the art (and squirrel by the sea)...don't like the many commented links